Thank you Africa. ( Part-3 )

Every now and then we witness a significant event which can alter us forever. Lessons will be learned and emotions get tucked away ready to surface at any given moment shaping the course of our lives. A single event can shake the core in our being and forever change the person who we are.

Africa did just that for me, and nothing in this world could have prepared me for this many emotions, this much pain, and this much humility.

The forgotten faces linger refusing to leave, holding on to a hope beyond the cold glass of my lens. The cheerful hands, the laughter of the kids running behind me, holding on to my hands, my clothes, anything that I am.. So many wondering eyes, restless feet, empty bellies, but against all odds, the kindest hearts.

Like a dream.  You watch yourself in disbelief.  That’s what Africa does to you in a glance. In less than an hour at the village of “Mariama” many of my perceptions were shattered and many more were altered. I’ve come to realize that one village in Africa has enough pain to drown the entire world in an ocean of despair.

If your children tell you they are hungry , do you look away? Do you ignore their plea? And if you wake up in the middle of the night to there calling do you bury your head deep into the pillow and go back to sleep? If you do, then the following images could mean absolutely nothing to you.